June 10 in Edmunston, NB

Friday, 10 June 2011

Today I finally got on the road.  Sue was always getting stuff together way too early and I am always thinking that things won't take nearly as long as they do.  When we were together, it worked out fine but now...?  I didn't get away until sometime between 1 and 2.  Our first stop was the Timmies near the airport 'cause Suggie loves her timbits.  Since I got a late start, I stopped in Edmunston rather than continue on to la belle prov.

The lupines are starting to come out along the roadside.  Sue was always so pleased to see that happen; I know I'm going to miss her on this trip.  The sun came out as soon as I crossed into NB and I'll take that as a sign (of what, who knows). I have to say that New Brunswick is awfully pretty.  There would have been a few places I would have taken pictures if there had been a safe place to stop.  I saw a fox just outside of Freddytown but the best was when I saw a mama bear and three cubs.  In this province there are long stretches of the highway where a fence separates the road from the trees.  Maybe for moose.  Anyway, I saw a black bear stand up on her haunches and, a moment later, all three cubs stood on their haunches and poked their heads out of the scrub.  I recently spoke with someone who spent a few weeks in the Yukon and Alaska and they didn't see any bears at all.  Ha.

I think Suggie enjoyed her first day.  Besides the timbits, we stopped near Sackville for her to have a bit of a walk and attend to her doggie business.  Well, she found some cow shit to roll in.  There weren't even any cows around.  Luckily, it was maybe calf shit because, after a bit more rolling around, she is back to normal so it couldn't have been a whole lotta shit.  But I guess rolling around in smelly stuff is doggie business.


feministmenace said...

One thing that'll be lovely is seeing the shift in flowers as you go across the country and north - as the season moves on and as the climate shifts.

I love the moose fences in NB - so clever with their interesting gates. I usually stop for sushi in Levis - if you take the main exit and go to a strip mall at the end of the main road there's a grocery store and decent restaurants. Maybe you're already past there!

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